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  • The "Chaaya" earring is a part of Prakriti collection, which is an original work of art; an exquisite range of earrings, pendants and ear cuffs to gift, keep and adore for years to come. Signature dainty florals and brushstrokes are intricately hand-painted on each jewelry/earring/pendant by Shruti Maheshwari.


    Chaaya earrings are perfect for all occasions. Be it a dinner date with your besties , your work meetings, a casual summer picnic at your favorite park or a friend's birthday party. These earrings are designed to be versatile for the everyday YOU.

    From my HeART to your ears, I created these earrings with the everyday woman in mind. We often tend to reserve our best jewellery for special events and functions, my hope is that these earrings would bridge the gap between causal and fancy, so that you don't have to wait for special occasions to look your best. Everyday is a gift, and everyday must be celebrated.

    Made with love for the best friends, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and all the wonderful women in your lives. Let them know you love and appreciate their existence.

    Since these are handmade, please allow some room for slight variances from the images you see displayed here. Two pairs of the same design are simply twins, not clones. You purchase knowing you have a truly one of a kind piece of my HeART.

    Chaaya - Handmade Earrings

    Out of Stock
      • 8 cms in length
      • Very light weight (around 7 grams), you can wear them for hours at a stretch without any discomfort
      • Wearable Art
      • Colors inspired by a beautiful earthy garden in paradise (of course in my imagination)

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