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The Showrunner and co-founder

Shruti Maheshwari

A Wall Muralist, Designer, Educator and Watercolor Artist who specializes in loose florals and is obsessed with them. The softness, delicate texture, flow and power that flowers possess really inspires Shruti.

She graduated in English literature from Delhi University in 2019 and went on to pursue Fashion Designing from NIFT, New Delhi.

Chronicle of Colors is the brainchild and passion fueled project started by Shruti, back in October 2018. 

Chronicle of Colors About Section. The Birth of Chronicle of Colors.

The Birth of Chronicle of Colors

The idea of one day running her own art business was present in the deep recesses of Shruti's sub-conscious since she was a child, long before she could fully understand the meaning of it. 

She's been into all forms of art since her childhood, but the seeds of Chronicle of Colors were sown back in October 2018, when she finally decided to create a dedicated art account on Instagram to cope with a pretty rough patch in her life.

What started as a fun experiment quickly gained momentum and attention as more and more people started to love Shruti's creativity and skill.

Since then, she's made tons of wall murals, papercut art, mandalas, clay models and sculptures by using a variety of different mediums like soft pastels, oil pastels, color pencils, watercolors and charcoal. She's also been teaching art and painting online since 2021.

Having explored the world of Literature and Fashion Designing, Shruti found herself getting attracted back to her love for watercolor painting, designing patterns and murals, exploring and widening her understanding of various topics. 

She dived head first into wall murals full-time in March,2022 and has never looked back since. 

20201104_144131 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Shruti's Biggest Inspiration 

Shruti firmly believes that every big journey starts from home. She started murals with a blank wall in her home, made watercolors with the ingredients already present in her home and also got inspired to become an artist by a very special person in her home, her mother, her matashri. 

Shruti's mother is her biggest source of inspiration. She has always seen her embroidering and painting flowers since she was a child. Almost everything in her home was either stitched, embroidered or painted by her mother. She's very proud of the fact that she has now stepped into her mother's shoes and started to make and paint most of the things in her house. 

Shruti's Eternal Love for flowers

Shruti's  been in love with flowers since she was a child. Her relatives used to call her by pet names such as Phoolwati (Delicate as a flower) and Phoolan Devi (Goddess of Flowers). She believes that flowers hold a tremendous amount of power in nature despite their seemingly delicate structure.


Shruti loves being around flowers and prefer keeping them with her even after they’ve dried up. Painting loose flowers makes her the happiest, mainly because she really enjoys the process, but also because it has the widest market. Haha!

Chronicle of Colors About Section Why Florals (1).jpg
InShot_20221006_160753635 (1).jpg

the other

Aakash Makan

Having had the opportunity of exploring a wide range of different fields in a short span of time, Aakash brings a holistic perspective to Chronicle of Colors. 

In the past, he's worked as a product manager, content writer and an English language assessor. 

He handles the management, finances and social media of Chronicle of Colors. 

He's also the writer of this section so obviously praises his skills more than he should. Hehe! 


Our Mural Journey

Till date, we've made 65+ fully customized, super cute and aesthetic wall murals for a number of brands including Dunkin', DMRC, The Hosteller, Zostel, Prevasu, Clatid, etc. and tons of private clients as well. 

Our clients' backgrounds are as diverse as our range of murals. We've worked with Cafes, Hostels, Luxury Clothing Brands, Ed-tech startups, IT offices, Animation Studios, Restaurants and Private Clients from many other industries. 

20210701_173233_2 (1).jpeg


As young Indian mural artists, our vision is to bring a new level of energy and creativity to the mural art form. We aim to transform spaces into dynamic and vibrant works of art that inspire and captivate those who experience them.


Our goal is not only to beautify spaces, but also to provoke thought and stir emotions. We believe that murals have the power to transform entire communities, bringing people together through a shared love of art and beauty.

Through our work, we hope to leave a legacy of stunning and thought provoking murals that will continue to inspire future generations to pursue their own creative visions.

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