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Wall Mural Portfolio

Bringing Your Walls to Life with Our Stunning Murals


" One of the most sought after artists that I've had the pleasure to work with. One great thing about them is that they don't need hand holding or regular instructions, they work exactly as per the brief, their turn around time is brilliant and the work that they deliver is always beyond expectations. You can trust them with your project and just sit back while they do their artistic magic.  "
Shriya Manaktala - Owner, ZOSTEL Rishikesh
IMG_20230306_113910_621 (1)_edited.png


Branding Mural for Dunkin' India

Designed and painted this gorgeous branding wall mural for Dunkin' India, keeping in mind their brand story, vision and signature style.

Client - Dunkin', Pacific Premium Outlets Mall, Jasola

Size - 203 sq. feet

IMG_20230306_113915_463 (1).JPG
IMG_6352 (1)_edited.jpg


Women Mobility and Empowerment Mural for DMRC Metro Station

Painted this huge wall mural to spread awareness about women mobility and empowerment in the capital of the country. The design of the mural is centered around women reclaiming public spaces and travelling across the city for pleasure and entertainment. 

Client - DMRC in association with Vedica Foundation

Size - 800 sq. feet

Location - Gate Number 1, Dwarka Sector 14 Metro Station, Delhi

IMG_6344 (1)_edited.jpg
InShot_20230131_153545944 (1).jpg


Reception Mural for a
Make-up Studio

Painted this gorgeous mural on a wooden arch in the reception area of a renowned make-up studio in Delhi. 

Client - MBM Makeup Studio, Pitampura, Delhi

Size - 50 sq. feet

Lumii_20230129_163801655 (1).jpg
Lumii_20230131_144359895 (1).jpg


Floral Backdrop Mural for Professional Photoshoot

Painted this mural on a wooden set for the professional garment photoshoot of Prevasu, a women's luxury fashion brand based in Hauz Khas, Delhi.

Client - Prevasu, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Size - 16 feet x 8 feet

Lumii_20230131_144304343 (1).jpg


Golden Roaring Tiger Gym Mural

Designed and painted this mural for the main wall of this gym. It has now become the main attraction of the place with most of the gym members choosing this wall as their background when getting clicked. 

Client - Level Up Gym, Bijnor

Size - 22 feet x 10 feet

Lumii_20230130_193823141 (1).jpg


Abstract Shapes Mural for Zostel Delhi

Designed and painted this huge mural filled with all kinds of abstract shapes for the terrace area of Zostel Delhi. 

Client - Zostel, Delhi

Total area - 160 sq. feet

Lumii_20230130_193710505 (1).jpg
IMG_3649 (1).jpg


Boho Geometrical Mural for a Dance Studio

Designed and painted this super cool wall mural for a professional dance studio in Delhi.

Client - All Rise Dance Studio, Delhi

Total area - 100 sq. feet

FullSizeRender (7) (2).jpg
20220813_170354 (1).jpg


Workspace Mural for a Startup Office

Designed and painted this wall mural to show the amalgamation of nature and science and to remind the employees of this place to always stay connected to the child within them. 

Client - Locgfx, New Delhi

Size - 12 feet x 6 feet

20220813_170310 (1).jpg
FullSizeRender (6) (1).jpg


Artificial Intelligence meets Humanity Wall Mural

Painted this wall mural to showcase the coming together of artificial intelligence and humanity.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg


Cute and Vibrant Branding Mural for a Pre-School

Designed and painted this branding mural for a pre-school in Noida.

Client - Tiny Trumpets Pre-School, Noida

Size - 45 feet x 13 feet

FullSizeRender (4) (1).jpg
IMG_2411 (1).JPG


Tree of Life Mural for an Office Space

Designed and painted this premium mural for a workspace in De

InShot_20230130_092226600 (1).jpg


VIBES Mural for Zostel Bonfire Area

Client - Zostel, Delhi

Size - 18 sq. feet

InShot_20230130_091711452 (1).jpg
InShot_20220716_152852982 (1).jpg


Modern Art Horses Mural for Client's Living Room

This beautiful modern art mural has two horses facing each other with kindness in their eyes. This is placed on the main living room wall of the client. 

Client - Private Client, Faridabad

Size - 12 feet x 10 feet

InShot_20220716_153056880 (1).jpg


"Let's Brew Stories" - Cafe Wall Mural for a Hostel Brand 

This mural is the largest wall mural at the Coorg Mini Hostel by The Hosteller. I designed it from scratch and based it around the famous coffee plantations in Coorg. 

Client - The Hosteller, Coorg

Size - 12 feet x 9 feet

InShot_20220911_150929693 (1).jpg


Soft Pastel Botanicals and Rosefinch Bird Cafe Mural 

This mural was made keeping the entire botanical theme and soft pastel color pallet of the cafe in mind. It has little rose finch birds in it which is a common bird found in the area. 

Client - Zostel, Rishikesh

Size - 17 feet x 5 feet

InShot_20220903_163125388 (1).jpg

Client - NKG Advisory, Delhi

Size - 13 feet x 9 feet

FullSizeRender (2) (1).jpg

Client - Anand Group Office, DLF Gurgaon

IMG_3330 (1).jpg
InShot_20230110_160105288 (1).jpg


Harry Potter Wall Mural for Kids' Bedroom

Designed and painted this Harry Potter inspired Wall Mural for Kids' Bedroom. All the different elements were designed keeping in mind the likes and preferences of the children and the soft color palette was chosen by their parents.

Client - Private Client, New Delhi

Size - 14 feet x 10 feet

InShot_20230110_155635383 (1).jpg
IMG_3232 (1).jpg


Tech Wall Mural for a Corporate Office

Painted this wall mural for the boardroom of a Tech Corporate Company office in DLF Gurgaon. 

Client - Anand Group, DLF Gurgaon

IMG_3240 (1).jpg
Lumii_20230131_145928892 (1).jpg


Arch Mural in a Reception Area

Painted this mural for the reception area of a renowned make-up studio in Delhi.

InShot_20220903_214540884 (1).jpg


Bougainvillea Mural at Cafe Entrance

Designed and painted this super cute mural around the entrance of the Rosefinch Cafe at Zostel Plus, Rishikesh.

Client - Zostel, Rishikesh

Total area - 35 sq. feet

InShot_20220903_214633815 (1).jpg

Client - MBM Make-up Studio, Delhi

Size - 50 sq. feet

Lumii_20230131_145837854 (1).jpg
InShot_20220717_005357014 (1).jpg


Birdwatching in Coorg - Hostel Main Entrance Mural

This wall mural was designed and painted within 2 days for the main entrance area of the Coorg Max Hostel by The Hosteller. It shows the famous coffee plantations and kingfisher birds present in the area.

Client - The Hosteller, Coorg

Size - 14 feet x 8 feet

InShot_20221104_150611461 (1)_edited.jpg
Lumii_20230131_150218421 (1).jpg


Bougainvillea Mirror Mural at a Cute Cafe

Designed and painted this super aesthetic bougainvillea mirror mural for a cafe based in Noida.

Client - Full House Cafe, Noida

Total area - 35 sq. feet

Lumii_20230131_150404972 (1).jpg
IMG_3178 (1).jpg


Lab Wall Mural for a Corporate Office 

Painted this wall mural outside the lab area of a corporate office.  

Client - AnEvolve Private Limited, DLF Gurgaon

FullSizeRender (5) (1).jpg
IMG_2413 (1).JPG


Alphabets and Things Mural for Pre-School

Designed and painted this mural with a cute thing associated with each alphabet. 

Client - Tiny Trumpets Pre-School, Noida

Size - 13 feet x 5 feet

FullSizeRender (3) (1).jpg
InShot_20221029_180019560 (1).jpg


Gold Foil Cup and Coffee Leaves Mural for a Cafe

Designed and painted the main wall of this super adorable cafe and bakery. Made the Coffee Cup shown in the mural entirely with Gold Foil that ensures impeccable golden shine from all angles. 

Client - Full House Cafe and Bakery, Noida

Size - 5 feet x 15 feet

InShot_20221029_175856352 (1).jpg
InShot_20220903_164127350 (1).jpg


Swimming Pool Wall Mural 

This mural has different elements of aquatic life merged together beautifully to complement the chill vibe and enhance the swimming experience of the guests. 

Client - Zostel Plus, Rishikesh

Size - 18 feet x 4 feet

InShot_20220903_164403459 (1).jpg
Lumii_20230130_090236750 (1).jpg


Abstract Faces Mural for a Salon

Painted these beautiful abstract faces for a unisex salon in Noida.

Client - Blackexpress, Noida

InShot_20230130_090452127 (1).jpg
InShot_20221029_192751959 (1)_edited.jpg


Peacock Feather Mural for a Client's Home Temple Wall 

Painted these beautiful peacock feathers on a client's home temple wall.  

Client - Private Client, Gurgaon

20220928_194229 (1)_edited.jpg


Workspace Multitasking - Office Mural

Designed and painted this mural for the Business Development Head's Cabin in an Ed-tech company

Client - KanRam, New Delhi

Size - 5 feet x 6 feet

20220928_194310 (1)_edited.jpg
20220813_170425 (1).jpg


Workspace Mural for an Office

Beautiful workspace wall murals are known to increase the productivity, creativity and the energy levels of the employees. 

Client - Locgfx, Nehru Place, Delhi

Size - 29 feet x 6.5 feet

20220812_144253 (1)_edited.jpg
InShot_20220904_174058006 (1).jpg


Cozy Pastel Botanicals Besides Couch

Designed and painted these cozy aesthetic botanicals in one day for a client's living room area. 

Client - Private Client, Miranpur, U.P.

Size - 6 feet x 6 feet

InShot_20220904_174518147 (1).jpg
Lumii_20230131_145050928 (1).jpg


Abstract Workspace Mural for a Startup Office

This mural was loved the most by the employees of this office. It has initials of every employee in it, along with many other interesting doodles that reveal themselves upon careful observation.

Client - Locgfx Private Limited

Size - 21.5 feet x 6.5 feet

Lumii_20230131_145143522 (1).jpg
Lumii_20230131_150616196 (1).jpg


Flowing Madhumalti Mural on Main Entrance of Client's Home

Painted Madhumaltis on a Bougainvillea Skeleton around the main entrance of a client's home.

Client - Private Client, Gurgaon

Total Area - 35 sq feet

InShot_20221029_193310458 (1).jpg


Coffee Plantations Mural for Hostel Entrance

This mural is placed right at the entrance of the hostel, right next to the lift. It's an aesthetic representation of the coffee plantations that Coorg is well known for.

Client - The Hosteller, Coorg

Size - 7 feet x 5 feet

InShot_20221003_164904578 (1).jpg


UI/UX Design Mural for an App Development Company

Painted this mural keeping in mind the process and workflow of a UI/UX Designer.

Client - Clatid Compliance

Size - 23 feet x 9 feet

InShot_20221003_164803460 (1).jpg
InShot_20221003_092551718 (1).jpg


Staircase Botanicals Mural for Zostel 

Designed and painted these beautiful botanical motifs along the staircase walls leading to the cozy private rooms of Zostel's new property in Rishikesh. 

Client - Zostel Plus

Size - 12 feet x 2 feet

InShot_20221003_092638301 (1).jpg
InShot_20220715_195309519 (1).jpg


Cottage Wall Mural for a Hostel Brand

Designed and painted this mural for the cottage room of this hostel.

Client - The Hosteller

Size - 5 feet x 5feet



Room Mural for a Hostel Brand

Made this mural on the main wall of one of the private rooms at The Hosteller's Coorg Mini Property. 

Client - The Hosteller, Karnataka

Size - 6 feet x 5 feet

InShot_20220716_132100667 (1).jpg
InShot_20220903_162812245 (1).jpg


Pastel Mountains Mural for Hostel Reception

This mural is placed at the cove in the reception area of this hostel. It is all set to become the cute little photo-booth of the place.

Client - Zostel Plus, Rishikesh

Size - 10 feet x 7 feet

InShot_20220904_121050705 (1).jpg


Room Mural for a Hostel Brand

Made this mural on the main wall of one of the private rooms at The Hosteller's Coorg Mini Property. 

Client - The Hosteller, Karnataka

Size -  5 feet x 5 feet



Loose Florals for Client's Lobby Area

This mural took me 4 hours to paint and the whole family of the client loved the end result.

Client - Private Client, Uttar Pradesh

Size - 4 feet x 4 feet

Lumii_20230131_151239891 (2).jpg


Subtle Flowing Flowers Mural for Home Entrance

Designed and painted this subtle floral mural around the main door of client's home entrance. 

Client - Private Client, Gurgaon

20221018_164844 (2)_edited.jpg


Minimalistic Mountains Wall Mural for a Client's Bedroom

The client wanted something simple and minimalistic for her bedroom, so we went ahead with these beautiful earthy mountains.

Client - Private Client, Gurgaon

Size - 7 feet x 4 feet



Room Mural for a Hostel Brand

Made this mural on the main wall of one of the private rooms at The Hosteller's Coorg Mini Property. 

Client - The Hosteller, Coorg

Size - 6 feet x 5 feet

InShot_20220716_131656003 (1).jpg
InShot_20221003_170004221 (1).jpg


Motivational Words Mural for an Office's Meeting Room 

A collection of one word motivational words painted in different fonts to inspire the employees of the company. 

Client - Kanram, Delhi

Size - 6 feet x 3 feet

InShot_20221003_170049371 (1).jpg
InShot_20221003_092510236 (1).jpg


Women Dormitory Rooms Accent Wall Mural

A cute little accent wall mural painted for a women's dormitory room in Zostel.

Client - Zostel

Size - 11 feet x 2 feet

InShot_20221003_092415321 (1).jpg
InShot_20221003_092716699 (1).jpg


Co-ed Dormitory Rooms Accent Wall Mural

Cute little accent wall murals painted for 7 Co-ed dormitory rooms in Zostel.

Client - Zostel

Size - 11 feet x 2 feet

InShot_20221003_092801254 (1).jpg
InShot_20221003_092125725 (1).jpg


Botanical Motif Murals on Entrance Staircase

Designed and painted a range of aesthetic botanical motifs at the entrance staircase of a hostel.

Client - Zostel Plus, Rishikesh

Size - 2 feet x 2 feet

InShot_20221003_092307591 (1).jpg
Chronicle of Colors Golden Wall Painting (1)_edited.jpg


Staircase Golden Botanicals Mural for a Cafe Brand

Renovated the entire staircase with golden botanicals, cafe themed doodles and the cafe name typography mural. 

Client - The Golden Age Cafe, Delhi

Size - 2 feet x 48 feet

Neutral & Elegant Product Portfolio Presentation_edited.jpg


Realistic Florals Mural for Client's Living Room

Painted these beautiful aesthetic floral mural on one of the pillars in the client's living room. 

Client - Private Client, Muzzafarnagar

Size - 7 feet x 2 feet

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