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Wall Mural vs Wallpaper - What's Best for You?

Ever seen some giant wall paintings in a mall that make you go "Wowww"? Yup, those are wall murals. Seen the paintings on the walls of many flyovers/metro pillars across India with a strong social and environmental message? Yup, those are wall murals as well.

A Huge Wall Mural I made for the Level Up Gym in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

Wall Murals (wall paintings) are in trend these days, with many large chain cafes, gyms, hotels, offices and even hostels opting for them instead of keeping their walls plain and boring.

But if you're new to the art world, you might be wondering what a wall mural actually is and how is it any different from a pretty looking wallpaper.

Let us tell you, the difference is hugeee! Let's understand...

Wall Murals (Wall Paintings)

A Wall Mural is any piece of artwork that is directly painted or applied on a wall. It's the best way to visually attract people's (or customers') attention while conveying a unique message that truly represents your personality/brand voice.

From big brands, government buildings, corporate offices and startup spaces to cafes, gyms, hostels, hotels and homes, everybody is going for customized wall paintings at their place to visually convey their brand/personal message and attract more customers/social media following.

A Botanical Wall Mural I made at a Client's Home

A well made wall mural can make any wall stand out and demand the active attention of the onlookers, irrespective of the size and dimensions of the wall. Murals are highly customizable, hand painted and very durable. The Artist can choose between a range of different kinds of paints and coating to make the wall mural waterproof and scratch proof which can help it last for many years.

Golden Botanical Wall Mural I made for a Café staircase in Delhi

The Cost of Wall Murals (Wall Paintings)

An Artist usually charges for a Wall Mural (wall painting) on a per square feet basis, depending upon your desired art and design and the estimated time it would take to finish the wall mural. You can get a beautiful, fully-customized wall mural for your place starting as low as Rs 99/square feet.

Now, let's see what a standard wallpaper has to offer in comparison.


A wallpaper is a mass produced, printed artwork that is available only in fixed number of generic designs and needs to be physically pasted on a wall. Wallpapers cannot be customized and generally have a repeating pattern that fills up the entire wall. Though once considered fancy and cool (back in 2010s), wallpapers no longer hold their original charm over people's minds and hearts.

Their lack of personalization and inability to compete with the much higher quality and durability of hand-painted murals makes wallpapers a very out of fashion and dull choice for anyone looking to beautify their place. Wallpapers tend to get damaged quickly as they often start peeling off and their paper can get scratched and torn more and more easily as time passes.

A Standard Wallpaper (source - Pinterest)

Also, unlike a wall painting, you can't cover half a wall with a wallpaper. You often have to cover the entire wall, from top to bottom, left to right, with the same wallpaper in order for the wall to look presentable, which again, is a huge negative point for wallpapers as it increases the costs and practically kills the scope for any customization.

So, Which of the Two Should You Go For?

Wall murals (wall paintings) surpass standard wallpapers in all the three parameters; quality, customization and durability. You can showcase your unique brand/personal voice very clearly and in your own style using a wall mural for your place. It's only an added benefit that people in general, especially those active on social media, tend to find well made wall murals very cool and photo-worthy (which basically means more social media shares and likes), which can give your place great organic reach and recognition.

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